The basics of making music

Music production – it sounds proud. Many people get caught up in it thinking that in fact everyone can become a producer and start an adventure called music production. Is that really the case? Music producer – are we all suitable for this profession or is it a hobby for us? Are there any predispositions to distinguish between those who are really “fit” to be a music producer and those who don’t have a chance to fulfill this dream.

Talent is not everything – about knowledge and perseverance in music production

As above – if you actually say you have this “something”, this bastard, which allows you to test yourself as a music producer, you are already on the right track. But making music is not as simple a thing as some people think. A music producer has to work really hard to call himself a music producer.

In a special way we are talking about:

  • the desire to learn about music and keep it updated
  • perseverance in grinding acquired skills
  • looking for your own style
  • motivation to discover new musical solutions (so-called open mind)
  • flexible and creative approach in the process of making music
  • Hearing to catch the nuances and minor differences

The above mentioned factors combined with talent make music production not only possible at all, but generally takes on some specific shape. Therefore, the ability to distinguish a good melody from an average set of sounds is not enough to become a producer, let alone to develop your own musical style.

Many established producers pay attention to trusting their intuition at every stage of music creation, but at the same time remembering the basic technical rules. This is precisely the ‘golden mean’ needed in the process of producing background music, whether it’s about composition or the final stage of creation, which is mixing and mastering.

It is also important to remember the determination and the essence of the objective, which allows young producers to maintain their motivation at a high level. A very important element is the willingness to create and not to give up even if nothing comes out of our efforts at the beginning.

You simply have to enjoy creating and not count on quick results – this is how a music producer is born. Patience and strategy of small steps will surely result in future successes. You can never give up on your way to your dream goal – to be a solid and professional music producer.

Music production – where to start?

A fundamental question that every person taking up a new challenge asks themselves (or at least should ask). If you want to become a music producer you are lucky to have a lot of inspiring advice on the Internet today.

So the answer is where to start to become a music producer:

  • don’t try to create the whole background right away – start with small fragments
  • experiment, experiment and experiment again
  • play by trial and error method with regard to rhythm, tone, effects or repeatability
  • watch several tutorials of music producers available on the Internet – let it inspire you
  • even get a demo version of one of the music programs and just go through it – treat it as fun
  • you can open a ready-made song or demo song – take a look at how it is built. Play with the options of each module. Try to understand what they are for
  • read the instructions (even the first introductory chapter). Try what you have read to test live in a given DAW
  • take notes and write down best practices or tipsy tips. You can always go back to them
  • Remember that you don’t need the latest programs or plugins – in fact, you are only limited by your imagination and creativity

In this way you not only gain knowledge, skills and experience, but you can also develop your own distinctive style step by step – which should be the goal of every manufacturer.

Which programs to start with?

For a good musical start an interesting idea (and budget) is to use free sources of knowledge, videos on YouTube and free tutorials. Then, you can reach for programs dedicated for beginners and intermediate level. This is the most boring, but on the other hand the most important stage, getting to know the full functionality of the selected program.

If you understand its operation, get to know all the available tools, you will be able to actually move on to creating music, through intuitive actions, rather than constantly wondering where a given effect or button is located. This significantly impedes a creative approach to the subject of music, hence – learning and practice and regularity are the basis.

Anybody can try a music production, but not every music producer will actually stay, you not only need the right information, but you also need to follow your dreams, which we strongly encourage.

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