Crossfit Training Music

Music for crossfit training One of the elements that is necessary for people who want to start training is motivation. Let’s not fool ourselves, the decrease of willingness to exercise happens even to professionals, many athletes look for ways to regain the joy of physical activity.

Sometimes energy drops can be associated with overtraining or personal problems, but sometimes we simply lack something that would encourage our body and mind to act. As they say, there is no training without good music, and a rhythmic beat will certainly give us the strength and willingness to do the planned exercises.

Motivation to train – how to improve it?

If you notice a decrease in your willingness to exercise, it is worth knowing the techniques that will help you regain your motivation:

  • Set yourself a specific goal – if you dream of achieving a certain type of silhouette, you should remember this at all times and get fully involved. Knowing that our efforts will bring good results, it will be easier for us to motivate ourselves;
  • Check your progress regularly – watch your figure in the mirror, stand on weight regularly and check your muscle volume. When you see that the exercises are effective, you will immediately want to move more;
  • Take care of your training environment – some prefer to practice in a group, others prefer to practice alone, so the company should be adapted to individual requirements;
  • Remember about regeneration – the decrease in motivation is very often caused by overtraining, so maybe you need to spend a little more time relaxing and, above all, a peaceful sleep;
  • remember about diet – if we want to achieve our goals, we need to eat in a way that helps us achieve them. It’s also worth betting on natural products that will provide us with fuel for action;
  • Take care of the music for your workout – nothing gives you a kick like a rhythmic beat during exercise. Music for training seems to be a small element, but it is very important if you regain your motivation.

Crossfit music / for training – how to choose?

The music for training should be adjusted to its type. When practicing cardio it is worth listening to something energetic, strength training is great for hip-hop beats or sharp rock, while yoga and pilates are the types of activities that relaxing music is best suited to.

Music for endurance training

High intensity endurance training without music will certainly not be so pleasant. It is a type of activity that requires a high level of muscle involvement, and each repetition is a huge body workout. Therefore, for endurance training it is best to choose songs with a strong sound.

Music for crossfit

Before we choose the right sound for crossfit training, we need to know what actually characterizes this type of training, what are the advantages of using it and what music helps us with during the exercises.

Crossfit – what is it?

Crossfit is a training plan that is a perfect alternative to monotonous strength training in a gym. It is called general developmental training because it involves the whole body. Its performance is effective in terms of building muscle mass as well as fat loss, which has made crossfit very popular among both women and men, at different stages of development.

Although crossfit can be performed by all people who have no contraindications for intensive physical activity, it requires a lot of self-denial and determination. However, it is worth to decide on this type of training, because it perfectly shapes the figure and improves the mood.

Crossfit training rules

Crossfit training is about performing exercises to help us achieve increased performance in ten physical areas:

  • Respiratory performance;
  • endurance;
  • strength;
  • flexibility;
  • power;
  • speed;
  • agility;
  • coordination;
  • techniques;
  • equilibrium.

In order to achieve this goal, we can perform various types of physical exercises: swimming, running, aerobics, load exercise, training with TRX and many others. It is important to maintain a high pace of exercise, thanks to which we will improve efficiency and accelerate metabolism, which will promote faster weight loss.

Another important principle of crossfit training is its diversity. This means that the types and dynamics of exercise can change frequently. The more variations we use, the more our muscles and tissues will work, and at the same time they will not have time to get used to the training routine.

How to choose music for crossfit depending on the type of training?

Training with good music will always be more efficient, because rhythmic sounds effectively motivate us to move. However, it’s worth choosing a playlist depending on the type of physical activity chosen.


You often see runners with headphones on. No wonder, after all, a good song will help you keep up the pace and provide more energy. What should be the music for running? It’s definitely energetic. Let’s give up calm, slow tracks that could calm us down and make us want to move. Long-distance people can bet on rhythmic but steady musical tempo, people who prefer short distances should choose fast music, maybe dance music that will encourage us to move around intensively.

HIIT training

The selection of exercises in HIIT training is free, the intervals can be used for running as well as for burpees. You can also create variations, alternating between sit-ups, clowns, push-ups or punches. And what music to choose for HIIT training? As the name suggests, it’s a high-intensity fitness training, which means that the music should also be. So we’re betting on lively, rhythmic and fast sounds.

Tabata training

Tabata, a 4-minute metabolic workout that’s made a big difference all over the world. It turned out that body fat can be effectively shed by exercising for only four minutes, performing a series of exercises of 20 seconds each with a rest of 10 seconds between batches. The tabata allows for great variety, as you can choose any exercise, and the main principle of training is to maintain a high pace of movement and to keep the time accurately.


I don’t think anybody can imagine aerobics without music. In case of group activities, the playlist should be adjusted to the pace of the participants’ exercises. If the age group is advanced and they are beginners, it is worth starting with quieter exercises and thus slower music. As the intensity of training increases, we choose more rhythmic pieces.

Music for crossfit – genres

When it comes to music, everyone may prefer individual genres. And although we may not listen to opera arias or jazz during training, it is worth betting on the songs we like the most and motivate us to act.