Effects of listening to music

Listening to music in offices helps one to concentrate, while others are distracted. Although it is quite personal for everyone, it should be noted that we listen to a lot of music at work. But will this help us to work better? What are the effects of listening to music in the office?

Music increases productivity

It has long been proven that listening to music in the office has a positive impact on work efficiency. Employees who listen to music at work perform their work faster. They also come up with better ideas. Music contributes to wellbeing and thus has a positive impact on work performance. To get started, you not only need a nicely furnished office, a cup of coffee in the morning, but also a dose of positive music to help you get through the day.

To ensure that your employees get the job done in a fairly short time, it’s important to choose the numbers that fit the job. Music with simple sounds and little information, without too much complexity, will increase employee productivity.

Strengthen your mind

Maybe you need an external stimulus to give your brain an extra boost. Music can be ideal. The sounds of music fall in through your ears and then into your brain stem. This is where substances are created that improve humour and excitement. This makes you feel better again, so you can work with concentration and focus again.

Creativity when good energy comes in

Listening to music in the office also increases efficiency and creativity. Especially if you have to do something that requires a lot of thinking, such as writing a text. When you concentrate on doing your job, part of your brain is not working yet. In order to stimulate this part of your brain, turn on music that will certainly stimulate you. In this way, the most important part of the brain will be focused on the important work and the music will give you an impulse to increase your creativity.

Full focus

Music relaxes and makes us happier. But the main reason we listen to music in the office is because it doesn’t distract us. In these days of coworking and flexing this is what happens. Many daily meetings, calling colleagues to meetings, sometimes chaos can cause irritation in offices. Fortunately there is a saviour: music!

To ensure full concentration, it is important to choose music with a few emotional transitions. For example, choose music without vocals or music in a language you don’t understand. This way, you won’t get distracted easily and you’ll be able to concentrate better on your work.

Lucky employees in the offices

We have already written above that your mood influences your work efficiency. You have a morning mood? Or are you facing some particular task? Turn on your favorite music. With your favourite music, your brain becomes happier and functions more efficiently. Put your playlist on “shuffle” so you can’t predict what song will be next. The music ensures that your work will be more enjoyable.

Tip: the music is very varied and everyone is different. Know that not everyone will like your music. That’s why you should wear headphones when listening to your music. This way you can decide for yourself at what volume you play your favorite song.

Headphones on your ears and get to work!

Want to solve your music problem? Remember that every employee can listen to their music from their laptop. Of course with the headphones on! Employees who prefer to work without music will not be disturbed. The disadvantage is that there is little communication between the employees at the given workstations.

Do not force others to listen to your music!

A colleague with headphones on seems to be less accessible. You ask him less often about anything that makes communication worse. In addition, people with headphones in their ears may miss out on important events that take place in the office.

Opponents of music

Of course, there are also many disadvantages of listening to music in the office. Silence plays an important role in the ability to remember information. When the music in the office space is on, it is simply more difficult to remember some things. Remember that music improves your mood, but it also affects your ability to concentrate.

How do you deal with music in the office?

The use of music in the office continues to increase. There are more and more supporters of listening to music at work. However, in order to introduce music in the office it is necessary to consult with all employees.

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